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Monday, November 19, 2007
You Wish You Were There

A very detailed recap of the SNL cast's live WGA benefit performance. Samples:
Almost Pizza: ... This was another fake commercial - for "Almost Pizza" — it looks like pizza, it tastes like pizza, it smells like pizza — but we never find out what it actually is, or why there's a need to find a substitute for pizza. All we know is that when it falls on the floor it sounds like shattering glass, but, not to worry, "it's still alive." Well, what exactly are you expecting them to come up with at 5 am in the writer's room? Comedians. They have demons.

Are You My Adopted Chinese Baby? Yuppie couple Poehler and Sudeikis can't tell which of the adopted Chinese babies on the playground is theirs. Awkward!

Friday, November 16, 2007
Weather/Science (The Seasonal Obsession Begins)

Boston Globe headline and story:

Forecasters growing more confident about a warm winter

You know what would be nice? If these stories let us know how accurate the same group was in previous predictions. The same thing comes up with other groups -- more than one Farmer's Almanac puts out a press release that gets duly quoted and forgotten.
Monday, November 05, 2007
Unfogged Comment

Not from me!

Off-topic, but endlessly amusing to me. My mother-in-law (amazing cook) hosts a big Thanksgiving dinner every year. She inevitably ends up with some mongrels and strays who don't have friends or family nearby to dine with. This year, one of her guests asked if she could bring along someone else who didn't have anywhere else to go.

So my 70-year old MIL asks me, "Have you heard of a guy named Axl Rose? He's supposed to be a musician or something."

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