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Tuesday, August 12, 2003
Nice work if you can get it

So far, Arnold Schwarzenegger's one campaign message has been: They're going to smear me, the scum. And maybe they are...but it depends what you mean by "smear". If we're talking about lies, that's one thing. But a lot of what he's worried about are things that are true but should be irrelevant: his father's Nazism, the drugs in his past (we'll assume) and sexual history. See, it's not fair to bring these up, because they have nothing to do with being Governor.

But none of his positives have anything to do with being Governor, either. He's running on fame, and nothing more. So he's trying to set it up so that irrelevant factors in his favor are on TV all day, every day, but irrelevant factors against him are not allowed. Slick, Arnie!

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