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Sunday, August 03, 2003
Old Home Week

This is the reply Larry got when he sent mail to 41 Lanark Rd (our old house in London) asking permission to see the inside when he and Marian go over there next month:

Dear Larry

Thank you so much for your letter, and, greetings from 41, Lanark Road.

My name is Isobel B-------- and I live here with my husband, Richard and 2 year old daughter, Grace. We moved in during the summer of 2001 and absolutely love it - although sometimes the stairs exhaust me!! We bought the house from an Italian family who had 8 children so, as you can imagine with only 4 bedrooms, things were a tight squeeze and, after we moved in, we kept discovering secret beds fallings out of cupboards and flipping down from walls. As it turned out - the Head of the Italian family turned out to be a Terrorist who was behind some murders in the 1970's, so our neighbours were very pleased when we moved in as we are (relatively) normal.

You are most welcome to come and visit during your trip to London - I quite understand your curiosity. My parents recently sold the house in which me, my brother and my sister grew up and we are totally devastated - we did live there for 29 years though so it was an enormous wrench when they decided to sell.

The only time not suitable is between 9 and 11 on the morning of September 11 as my daughter is starting nursery school that day and I will have to spend a little time settling her in to the new environment.

My telephone number here is [redacted].

We look forward to seeing you.

Kind regards

Isobel B--------

Italian terrorists? Offhanded mention of Sept. 11? Very suspicious.

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