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Sunday, September 07, 2003
Goose and gander redux

One of Tom Delay's arguments in favor of his Texas redistricting scheme is that there's something wrong with the fact that Texas, a state with (now) more Republicans than Democrats, has a Congressional delegation that's the other away around. Against this, let's remember the result of the last Presidential election -- even ignoring Florida -- when we were assured, after the fact, that the disconnect between the popular vote and the Electoral College vote was just one of the many wonders that our wise founding fathers left us. (This despite the reported pre-election plans of the GOP for a media blitz against the EC had it gone the opposite way, but never mind that right now.) Given this anomaly in the system, sure the consistent thing would be for Delay to not only abandon the redistricting project, but call for an Electoral College system in the voting for Governor of Texas. After all, shouldn't the good people of Texas have the honor of experiencing a non-representative executive branch, like the rest of us?

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