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Thursday, October 09, 2003
Continuing the numbers game

I posted the following in the comments thread of the previous entry; I'm repeating it here in case anyone comes in fresh:

...the two exit polls I pointed to had different breakdowns of what I was looking for, and they were confusing enough that I'm going to retract the 13% from the Fox News results. I was looking at the bottom of (unnumbered!) page 5, and it's 13% of those who voted no-on-recall AND disapproved of Davis. But you have to factor in the ones from the line above, who "approved" of Davis, and I guess we're supposed to understand that they all voted no-on-recall. Their % for AS was 9%, so it would be somewhere in between that and 13%.

The CNN number is much clearer, and is in the 6th block from the end of their poll. It's 8%, and since it's the least impressive number I feel safer in standing by it.

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