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Monday, October 20, 2003
The dangers of snark

Here's the entirety of an Oxblog item from David Adesnik:
IN GOLF WE TRUST: Reihan points to this ESPN column on anti-Asian prejudice in the world of golf. I'm going to have to agree that there is a double standard when it comes to tackling racism in public life. But with Howell Raines gone, who is going to make sure the prejudice in the world of golf is front page news?

I quite sincerely don't know what he's saying. I know about Howell Raines and Augusta; I know that the Oxbloggers are on righthand side of the blogosphere; I admit I don't know who Reihan is, there being no link in the posting. I guess the last sentence is ridiculing Raines' anti-Augusta crusade, so I guess we're supposed to infer that racism in golf really isn't that important, because otherwise it would be a big story even after Raines. But he's given us a link to someone in sports journalism who thinks it is, at least, notable. So maybe he's making fun of "Reihan" for linking to the ESPN piece and thinking that the issue is worth writing about. But that's just a guess.

My moral here: sarcasm has its place, but so does telling me what the hell you're saying.

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