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Tuesday, October 07, 2003
How do you feel?

AS seems to be a done deal. Interestingly, at this moment, it looks like he numerically beat no-on-recall, so he won a legitimate plurality, as opposed to the impending farce of winning an election where more people voted for another specific candidate.

Now here's the question: are you a) even more pissed off because there are even more morons voting than you thought, or b) kind of relieved, because at least it's not the total travesty that was looming?

I'm a b). I'd like to think this is because I'm highly civic-minded, but I think it's more that I dislike the level of anger that would come with AS having won with fewer votes than Davis.

UPDATE: At 1:40 ET, the no-on-recall and AS totals are much closer: only 4 thousand out of over 3 million combined separate the two. I've also realized that the numbers I really want will never be directly available. I want to know how many had Davis as their first choice, and how many had AS; no-on-recall is the same as Davis, but we need to subtract the yes-on-recall votes from each of the other candidates' totals. Since the two questions are counted separately, we'll have to deduce it from exit polling.

UPDATE 2: 2:03 AM -- no-on-recall now ahead of AS.

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