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Saturday, November 15, 2003
Eugene Volokh: the Ted Rall of 2002?

Why did Eugene Volohh, writing as Saddam Hussein, suggest last year that he detonate a nuclear weapon over Nevada? Is he insane?
In fact, we are proud to say that we have manufactured many such weapons. Nearly a dozen of them are now in place in major American cities. We certainly do not want to have to detonate them, and we see no need to go that far, if you accede to several reasonable requests that essentially amount to a permanent disengagement from the internal affairs of the Middle East...

Americans recognize that you would not be morally justified in killing innocent Iraqis through a retaliatory attack. After all, your actions during your campaign in Afghanistan show that you do not take civilian casualties lightly, even when they are incidental to attacks on military targets.

And of course such civilian deaths will only lead to a righteous desire in the Islamic world for further acts of vengeance against Americans.

Righteous desire for vengeance against Americans? Is Volokh a traitor?

-- or do some on the right, in fact, understand the technique of writing in the voice of an enemy?

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