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Friday, December 26, 2003
It was either that or get killed in Vietnam...or maybe eat Pop Rocks and drink Coke and explode, I forget

Ever wonder what happened to the actors in A Christmas Story? (That's the one based on the Jean Shepherd story about the kid who wants the BB gun.) Well:
Actor: Scott Schwartz.

Character: Flick, Ralphie's friend.

Best line: ''Thtuck. Thtuck! THTUCK!! AAAaaaaii!!''

Bio: The kid who got his tongue stuck on a pole left mainstream acting for porn films in the late 1990s. ''I did what I did,'' he said of his X-rated past. ''Now I'm married and gonna work on a family soon. Did I break any laws? Did I go to jail? Nothing.'' He currently works with his father at Baseball Cards and Movie Collectibles Etc. in suburban Los Angeles. ''People say, 'If you could trade, would you make, like, ''E.T.'' or would you still make ''A Christmas Story''?' he said. "I'll take 'A Christmas Story.' ''
Sometimes I guess the urban legend comes true.

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