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Friday, February 13, 2004
Skull and Bones! [Damn!]

Supposedly, part of Skull and Bones' shtick is that if you're a member, and someone in the room says "Skull and Bones", you're supposed to leave the room. (The fact that this makes no sense, secrecy-wise, is part of the rumor's appeal.) When I was, uh, in school, everyone had a running joke that when S&B was mentioned someone would, of course, yell "Damn!" and get up as if to walk out. Ha ha ha!


Look at the form W filled out upon entering the guard -- the one that has the blacked-out answer to the arrest question: here. Note the part about organizations. Note that although he's listed Delta Kappa Epsilon, he hasn't listed Skull and Bones.


World's most unimportant felony. Still, you know, your obligation to tell the truth to the USG is supposed to trump your loyalty to the secrecy of your frat.

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