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Wednesday, February 11, 2004
What's the big deal about Condaleeza Rice?
READER MICHAEL HALPERT EMAILS: "Resolved: There is no significant downside, and nearly limitless upside, in Pres Bush's replacement of Mr. Cheney with the lovely Ms. Rice. Please discuss."

I was suggesting that a year ago. Nothing has changed my mind.
I don't know why Rice has such a strong rating with her fans. Partly I'm sure they're enjoying the idea of watching Democrats squirm while running against a black woman, but righty idealists such as Reynolds might be in for a huge reality check if she ended up on the Republican ticket; I know they don't think the GOP leans on the racism of many of their supporters, but that's not the state of play as I see it. More centrally....what do they love about her? Her academic specialty was the Soviet Union, which makes her a little bit obsolete; her pre-9/11 performance is, let's say, on a par with that of the rest of the Bush administration. She is rather nice-looking, as the emailer mentions (but not in any actual sexist way, I'm sure).

Reyonds emailer #2, Christopher Jefferson:
...Second, it forces Kerry to do something he doesn't want to do: put Hillary on the ticket.

Besides, Rice could be President in her sleep, if she had to.
Oh, right...the Hillary obsession. Forgot about that.

And, again, based on what does Jefferson think she could be President in her sleep? That she seems smart? Suddenly that's a useful skill?

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