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Friday, May 21, 2004
Monsters on the Loose

Since the previous plug, the Legacy Horror set has come and has been examined. Much to my amazement -- since Amazon's page said nothing about this -- the 3-pack is packaged with this:

On the downside, one of 6 discs was damaged, and Amazon can only handle that by exchanging the whole set. Fortunately, they cross-ship, so with luck I should be able to assemble a complete working set and send back the rest. The Amazon page is filled with such quality complaints, by the way, which started rolling in after I had placed my order. I'm hoping that the next set I get might be from a different run -- and after all, I just need one of the 6 discs replaced.

Each of the 3 sets contains 2 DVDs, of which one is the main movie, double-layer, and the other a double-sided disc, each side being a double-layer disc itself. That means -- not that I would consider such a thing -- it would take 18 single-layer DVDRs to back it all up. Each of the 3 main movies has a full-length commentary track. I don't see the compression artifacts that some complained about on the Amazon page (but I'm no golden-eyes); as to print quality, it seems to vary from shot to shot. I notice a pattern of damaged outdoor (stock?) footage followed by clean studio shots.

Amazon's price has, I think, varied in the last couple of weeks, but I'm seeing it at $55.99 again right now.

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