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Thursday, June 24, 2004
Bring back Instapunditwatch, Dammit!

From Insty:
Yes, had Gore won, I think we'd be hearing about the nobility of the Electoral College, and the dangers of populist democracy[...]
Assuming Reynolds means "if positions were reversed, and Gore had won an EC majority without a popular plurality", then may I remind him of this, from the New York Daily News on the day before the 2000 election?
[W]hat if Gore wins such crucial battleground states as Florida, Michigan and Pennsylvania and thus captures the magic 270 electoral votes while Bush wins the overall nationwide popular vote?

"The one thing we don't do is roll over," says a Bush aide. "We fight." How? The core of the emerging Bush strategy assumes a popular uprising, stoked by the Bushies themselves, of course.

In league with the campaign - which is preparing talking points about the Electoral College's essential unfairness - a massive talk-radio operation would be encouraged. "We'd have ads, too," says a Bush aide, "and I think you can count on the media to fuel the thing big-time. Even papers that supported Gore might turn against him because the will of the people will have been thwarted."

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