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Saturday, July 31, 2004
Gillette, Again, If Anyone Cares

OK, here's the guaranteed facts on the Mach3 business: The Gillette company gave Mach3 razors the the DNC, for them to put in the goodie bags given to delegates and members of the press. These bags were delivered to the hotels where the recipients were staying. In at least one case, this turned out to be trouble because the bags were delivered en masse, by the hundreds, to one network staffer who then wanted to give them to the members of his staff. Since that staff was staying at widely dispersed hotels, the logical thing was to bring them to the Fleet and distribute them there, at which point it turned out that the razors weren't getting through security. Sounds like, as they say, a systems failure; Gillette couldn't know what was going to happen to the goodie bags, the DNC probably didn't realize where the bags would have to be distributed, and the network staffer in this story may not have even have checked the contents of the bags before trying to bring them in -- and more than one outlet ran into this problem. If any individuals had trouble, it was from bringing their own goodie bag into the Fleet. Note that blogger Jessamyn has a picture of the contents of the bag.

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