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Thursday, July 01, 2004
Next: The Shield Kids

This Saturday, July 3, is the industry-wide giveaway stunt Free Comic Book Day. Among the wares:
IDW Sampler
Including 24, CSI, The Shield, and 30 Days of Night
This all-ages appropriate sampler includes material from comics based on TV's number one drama CSI: Crime Scene Investigation and the critically acclaimed The Shield, as well as from IDW's break-out hit, 30 Days of Night. Plus: a special sneak peek, as IDW unveils the first pages to be seen from the upcoming comic based on 24, the winner of this year's Emmy for Best Drama. 24 launches in July, and you can get a free peek on Free Comic Book Day!
An all-ages version of The Shield? Oh, that's going to be trouble.

(Seen on the sidebar at TVBarn.)

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