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Sunday, July 04, 2004
A Question about Marlon Brando, and a Followup if I May?

What's the last movie that Marlon Brando made in which he was not a joke or a caricature of the idea of Marlon Brando?

If the answer to the previous question is The Godfather, how much of that is because of what was going on the rest of the movie?

I admit that this probably reveals me as someone who knows nothing worth knowing about movies, acting, or movie acting. For someone who does, see here.

I will, however, make one point about The Godfather, which is that one aspect of its making is unimaginable today. Mario Puzo's novel was half Mob story and half downright smut, featuring, along the way, one memorably gynocological subplot -- and I don't mean "detailed pornography"; I mean that it featured a doctor whose job it is to tend to women's reproductive organs. The now-unimaginable thing is that someone looked at this book and decided that it could be a great film if you took the sex out.

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