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Sunday, July 18, 2004
Seekret Visit to the Fleet CenterGuess Who's Coming to Boston?
Through my Extensive Media Connections, I was able to see the DNC space today while it's still under construction.  No cameras were allowed in or this would be a more interesting, and more visual, posting.  Not too surprisingly there's a floor and some seats, and a podium.
The networks are in the process of building their skybox signs; generally each one takes one of those corporate booths you see in places like the Fleet, and puts its logo where it normally says "Some Local Business" or "Some National Advertiser"; the coverage is then anchored out of those boxes, often complemented by a stand-up location on the convention floor for ease  in grabbing whoever you want to put on the air, and for a greater feeling of immediacy.
And, to my surprise, in addition to the expected American networks, there's (so far) one more non-American news outlet with its own box, and its own logo prominently displayed.  And that network is Al-Jazeera.
I don't know if they'll also have a prominently displayed box at the Republican convention next month, but I question the political wisdom of the DNC in giving them such a visible presence (as opposed to credentialing them, which is completely appropriate).  You can imagine the hay that the RNC oppo team could make out of such a display of "anti-American, Arab-coddling" yadda yadda yadda.
But, ya know, I don't work for the DNC, so maybe they know what they're doing.
Starting next weekend there may be DNC-related photo blogging, if I can do without embarassing my Extensive Media Connections.

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