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Sunday, July 25, 2004
Slight Media Gossip, Sunday 7/25
Went to the Fleet again today; full security is in place, and I was "wanded" about half a dozen times between entering and exiting at various checkpoints.  My traveling companion got her bag searched for several minutes, while agents tried to find the piece of metal shaped like a blade that showed up on the airport-style bag-x-ray-er.  Nothing found, we went about our business.
Which leads one to wonder why the DNC's gift basket for media members included a Mach3 razor which can't get through the security screening.  Oops.
In other news, the saga of the Al-Jazeera booth continues: their skybox sign is gone, as reported by the
Boston Herald, although my insider's version has it that the sign "mysteriously got lost" by the DNC and that ABC, AJ's sponsor, is "demanding an investigation", with everyone understanding nevertheless that it ain't coming back.

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