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Sunday, September 05, 2004
Imagine the Letters They Don't Quote

K-Lo at The Corner:


"I don't know much of anything about the science of polling or how reputable Time's number-crunchers are, but I do feel I know something about Time. Is there any chance they are intentionally inflating Bush's lead on the theory that when things almost certainly tighten they'll be able to pitch it that Kerry is riding a tidal wave of momentum to the finish? "

That's from today (Sunday) at 3:06. Reader and/or Lopez are behind: they're supposed to have moved along to "No, the Newsweek poll proves that the Time poll is right!"

Anyway, if Time's going to lie in Kerry's favor, why wouldn't they just inflate his numbers all the time? Talk about the paranoid style in politics.

Maybe Lopez should listen to Barbara Comstock, a mere 3 Corner-posts later:
It's amazing how desperate Dems have to attribute a Republican ahead in the polls to some type of sinister Manchurian candidate subliminal plot...

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