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Sunday, October 17, 2004
Terror and Drugs, Together Again!

For those members of the public who can't decide whether The War On Terror or The War On Drugs best represents the fight against Evil: why choose?
Beslan militants were drug-dependent, forensic study shows

Forensic analysis of the remains of 31 militants who seized the public school in Beslan last month has determined that all of them were dependent on drugs, a senior law enforcement official said in a statement reported by Russian news agencies Sunday.

Nikolai Shepel, the deputy prosecutor general of Russia's southern federal district, also said that blood tests had found very high levels of heroin and morphine among a majority of the attackers who died at the siege, "which indicates that they were long-term drug addicts and had been using drugs permanently while preparing for the terrorist attack," according to the Interfax wire service.

"These conclusions help us look at the Beslan tragedy from a new angle," he said

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