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Saturday, November 13, 2004
The Democratic Market Share

In the past long, long, long 11 days, we've been hearing from the magnanimous victors of the election that the Democratic Party should, not to put too fine a point on it, Fuck Off And Die, because of its pathetic 48% showing.

Let's look at market shares in some other areas of American life:

In cola, it's
Coke 35.4%/Pepsi 34.4%; we can normalize that (ignoring all other brands) to Coke 50.7%/Pepsi 49.3%...and that's considered a disaster for Coke, which has usually been further ahead than that. Pepsi, according to sources, does not plan to Fuck Off And Die.

In desktop computers, it', no contest. Apple's desktop business is
3.7% of all desktops shipped. Never mind...let's look at CPU makers Intel and AMD, then: it's Intel 82%/AMD 16%. Not Fucking Off And Dying: Apple, AMD.

In video game consoles,
Sony's Playstation has 60%, leaving just 40% for Nintendo and Microsoft's XBox. Fuck Off and Die? Hell no, say Nintendo and Microsoft.

So: sure, you'd rather be the 51% than the 48%. Still, in no other field is the 48% crowd supposed to...well, you know. Really, we should be civil about this, don't you think?

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