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Monday, November 15, 2004
Drew Bledsoe Has What Kind of Values?

Football/political language item: Drew Bledsoe, former New England Patriots quarterback now with the Buffalo Bills, played a terrible game against his old team tonight. On the Boston postgame show, speculation turned -- maybe a bit prematurely -- to the question of whether Bledsoe's career is finished right now, as in Buffalo turning to their backup QB next week. Scott Zolak, former NE backup QB and friend of Beldsoe, had this to say [emphasis mine]:

It's gonna be a long ride home for him tonight, and I think there's a lot of thoughts going through his mind, you know: his career -- is it over? Is he going to go on? Does he want to go on? Finish somewhere else, and burn out somewhere? I don't think so. I don't think he would like to do that. I think, you know, he has some strong family values and he may ride this thing out.

So if you had any doubt: "family values" now means "generic goodness in any and all respects".

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