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Wednesday, December 01, 2004
Call Me, Irresponsibly

One of the few explicit bits of "fatherly" advice I got from my father was this: "Someday, you'll be drunk, and it will be 2 in the morning, and you'll think of someone and want to call them. Do not call them."

If only all of Australia had taken such advice to heart:
An Australian phone company is offering customers the chance to blacklist numbers before heading out for a night on the town so they can reduce the risk of making any embarrassing, incoherent late-night calls.

A survey of 409 people by Virgin Mobile, a joint venture of The Virgin Group and Optus, found 95 percent made drunk calls.

Of those calls, 30 percent were to ex-partners, 19 percent to current partners, and 36 percent to other people, including their bosses.

The company also found that 55 percent of those polled would grab for their phone first the next morning to check who they had drunkenly dialed, compared with just eight percent who went for the headache pills first.

We should, of course, adjust for PR bullshit.

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