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Monday, December 20, 2004
"Peyton Manning Has No Ego."

I heard one of the ESPN announcers say that when Manning, 1 TD short of Dan Marino's single-season record, and with the ball on Baltimore's 5-or-so-yard line, handed off the ball to Edgerrin James for a rushing, not passing, touchdown. That was before the moment when Indy intercepted a Baltimore pass and ran it back for a touchdown with a minute left, making the score 26-10 Indianapolis, sealing the victory but taking away the chance for Manning to get the ball again (since Baltimore would then receive). Manning looked furious. (A more charitable observer might call it a look of grim satisfaction, I suppose).

As it turned out, the interceptor had stepped out of bounds at the Baltimore 3-yard line, which the ESPN guys decided was to allow Manning to get his record-tying passing touchdown, which was a load of bull since it was clearly an accidental step out while heading down the sideline. Now, with the score 20-10 and a minute left, Manning did what he was presumably told by Indy coach Tony Dungy, which was "KNEEL DOWN!" For this non-stupid move, he was hailed by the ESPN crew as a super-class act.

If Peyton Manning played against Brett Favre, who would the commentariat love more? It would be like Jesus vs. Santa.

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