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Saturday, December 18, 2004
Tech item: Anti-Linux Screed Pointer

Haven't read a good, long, anti-Linux rant in a while? Steve Gilliard's got your back:
But for every Linus Torvalds, who travels with his kids and his wife, isn't a star and is refreshingly modest, there are 10 Eric Raymonds and Richard Stallmans. Now, Raymond isn't the biggest dick in the Open Source world, mainly because Richard Stallman is still alive. A smart person could grow to hate all of these people, Raymond, a gun nut like Jay Sulzberger, who I actually like, Stallman, who should have to work for a living and worms like Dave Winer, bouncing around the edges of Open Source.

If Microsoft is Big Daddy Bill, and Apple, the land of Guru Steve, Linux is the dysfunctional family from hell. I mean, take the most depraved John Waters movie, toss Christopher Titus's standup act on top of it, and throw in the Barrymores for fun and a pinch of Ken Loach, and that's about where Linux is.
OK, that's gossip and meanness, not a technical argument. But there's more.

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