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Saturday, January 29, 2005
Best Anti-"Intelligent Design" Piece Ever

From a Frayster at Slate:
IOZ: Good evening, God, and welcome to The Deity's Studio.
INTELLIGENT DESIGNER: Good evening, IOZ. And please, don't call me God.
IOZ: You'd prefer... Hashem?
ID: No, IOZ. I'm not God. I'm the Intelligent Designer.
IOZ: Well, we hate to quibble with our deities on TDS, but wouldn't a supernatural force capable of the creation of the entire universe, by its very nature, be a God.
ID: Not necessarily, IOZ. I could be, for instance, a supremely powerful metaphysical industrial designer.
IOZ: Are you?
ID: I'm afraid I can't say.
-- and it goes way on beyond that.

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