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Sunday, February 27, 2005
Weather Assholes

Is there anything that people (and in this, I mean men) can't turn into a pissing match? Check out the constant winter storm "discussions" at The Eastern United States Weather Forums. Here are some excerpts from an extreme but not surprising thread on the upcoming big East Coast storm -- we'll skip the definitions of the weather forecasting jargon, because as you'll see, that's not the point. What's interesting about this is that as far as I can tell, the posters on this board love snowstorms in a kind of existential way -- that is, none of them mention how they're looking forward to cross-country skiiing afterwards or anything like that. They also become personally offended by forecasts that don't give them snow where they live. By the way, the poster DT-wxrisk is a professional meterologist, selling his medium-range forceast service on the Internet.
DT-wxrisk: the all snow I-95 all snow mongerers are all wrong .... the 12z ETA shows that IMO decisively -- it is further WEST at 12z than at 0z and 6z

Jonathon416: DT is just being anti-snow because of his past screwings.

SacredDreamz: Did you get the foot the NAM forecasted for you last week?

DT-wxrisk: and the nam was the 1st model to shows it was going to be rain dummy
way before gfs which had RIC all snow until 12 hrs before the event
and the rgem had me getting the MOST snow of all

capecod04: Hey DT I'll keep you in mind when I'm shoveling my 12-18" out of my driveway..

DT-wxrisk: what are you talking about? how can anyone look at my forecast for and say I am not forecasting all snow for you? this isnt you location so shut up and stop lying

ChrisL: Dave... Even Paul Kocin is saying there is a MUCH better chance for snow in the I-95.
You think you can beat the Winter Forecasting King? I have GREAT respect for you, either way..


godam it all to hell

friendwh: But you are/were forecasting a quick changeover, or very little snow.

DT-wxrisk: now you are Just lying my 1st call has been out for more than 24 hrs. you are a piece of dirt.

capecod04: Dude I was just saying that you had mentioned that earlier in the week don't tell me I'm lying.. You look like crap on this storm admit it.

bostonwinterweather: now we really are getting dilusional... your first guess has been out for 22 hours and you have been saying I 95 will not be all snow... one must conclude that that includes Boston. CC is close to I 95. Don't be a dick.

cape cod just accused me for forecasting all rain for I-95 Try and follow along ./ Not everyone in bostin is that stupid

bostonwinterweather: You incoherrently babble and accuse me of being stupid? I know you aren't calling for all rain you idiot. Seriously, how are you not banned yet?
If you follow along to DT-wxrisk's own site, here's his answer to his critics:

I am however shocked and outrage at the accusations being leveled against me. On would think that after doing all I can to make those forums a good place to discuis and learn about weather ... and r offering to doing these comprehensive and in-depth meteorological videos for free.... I would not get accused of being an incompetent weenie.

And now I am being accused of being anti-snow or in some sort of slump!? . Even if my March 1 forecast is 100% wrong ... It is the most outrageous charge made by people who are not smart enough to choke their own chicken with getting instructions from the internet.

Ah, science.

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