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Sunday, March 13, 2005

A Famous Kids In The Hall Sketch about Alien Anal Probers, with the Concept of Anal Probing Replaced with the Concept of Destroying Social Security

(Original transcript here.)

Dave: Ah, boy.

Kevin: Something wrong?

Dave: Ah.. it's nothing really....

Kevin: I think you could use a cup of coffee.

Dave: Yeah. [sighs]

[They move to a lounge where Kevin pours two cups of coffee. They keep talking as Dave sits down]

Kevin: So what's bothering you?

Dave: Ahhhh.... Lately I just keep wondering... what's the point?

Kevin: The point?

Dave: Yeah. What's the point of what we do?

Kevin: Sorry, I don't follow you

[Kevin sits down]

Dave: Well, I mean, we travel 3000 miles across the country, abduct humans, try to convince them to destroy Social Security, and release them.

Kevin: Yeah... AND?

Dave: Well, doesn't it seem kind of point-LESS?

Kevin: I really don't think about it.

Dave: Well don't you think you should?

Kevin: No, I don't think I should. I don't think I should question the leadership of our Great Leader.

Dave: Oh, come on! I mean, we've been coming here for 50 years and trying to destroy Social Security and all that we have learned is that the richest 10% doesn't really seem to mind.

Kevin: Well, do you have a better plan than our Great Leader?

Dave: Yes I do, I do have a better plan. My plan is that we DON'T travel 3000 miles, we DON'T abduct any humans and, this is the best part, we DON'T try to destroy Social Security..

Kevin: [sarcastic] Oh, great plan! Do you realize how many people the Cato Insitute employs?

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