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Saturday, March 19, 2005
They Say It's Spring I've got a new song stuck in my head. It's called "They Say It's Spring", it's in some commercial or other, and it turns out to be a jazz vocal standard with versions by Blossom Dearie (what you didn't know such a person existed? me neither) , Bobby Short (OK, him I've heard of) and others. And the version in the commercial is some pop-harmony version, which makes it even more stuck in my head.

And in the modern world, I'm really resentful that I can't, within 5 minutes, find a full online copy of the song to link to, legally or not.

UPDATE 4/06: The commercial turns out to be for Marshalls. The newer spot I just saw had a swing version more like the original (which I managed to find, and might be downloadable here.)

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