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Thursday, April 21, 2005
" owner pledges no porn"

MSNBC has a Reuters report that was registered, along with several other speculative pope names, before the election of New Pope. (MSNBC must have been under serious time pressure:
Florida resident Rogers Cadenhead, who describes himself on his Web site as the author of several technology books, said on his site that he registered six domain names earlier this month based on names he thought the new pope might pick.
It took me 5 seconds on to confirm that Cadenhead has 35 books out in various editions.)

Anyway, favorite line:

Cadenhead said he was considering his options for the site but if the Pope's people were to approach him to discuss taking over the site he might make a few requests of the Vatican including "one of those hats" and "world peace".

UPDATE: Mark Evanier reports the same story, with the same quote flagged. But because it's Evanier, he also knows Rogers Cadenhead.

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