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Sunday, June 26, 2005
Go Read Slacktivist on Left Behind The Slacktivist continues his series tearing apart the Left Behind books. The latest installment features not only a great paragraph, but several great comments. The paragraph [plus]:

[...] L&J haven't given even a cursory second thought to what it means for every child under the age of 12 to disappear.

Whatever the precise figure of the disappeared, however, we can safely assume that it included hundred of thousands, if not millions of young, attractive white women. Buck is watching CNN. Think of it: Millions of missing white women, all at the same time. What would CNN do? Would they cover them all? Or maybe just the blonde ones?

The comments: First, from Buhallin:

A brief look at the new "prequel" in the store reveals that Carpathia is actually the result of genetic engineering. Sometimes, the blatant pandering is so transparent it boggles my mind that anyone can buy this tripe. I mean, come on... The Antichrist will arise from genetic engineering?? They should have had him grow from an aborted fetus following the GE, that way we could have worked abortion into it too!

Followed by this clarification from McArdle (presumably not Jane Galt):

Ah, but you leave out the best part. Carpathia is the result of genetic engineering combining the DNA of two homosexuals! So now we've got three of the four G's: God, Genetic engineering, and Gay marriage. You don't suppose they'll find a way to work Gun control into the mix too, do you?

Mark follows with, among other things:

Why would Satan construct his minion by a method that practically guarantees that he'll be sterile? Didn't he see "The Devil's Advocate"? If I were Satan, I'd watch every movie ever made about me, both to see how I get defeated and because I'd have a huge ego.

And in another branch of the thread, about which real-life events had the highest death toll, this I-didn't-know-that from Sandals:

As a side note, Slaughterhouse Five cites wildly played-up casualty counts for Dresden based on the work of David Irving. (Yes, that David Irving.)

So much joy in one posting.

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