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Tuesday, June 14, 2005
The Koran, Piss Christ and Flag-Burning

The Koran-excretia issue has gone off in a couple of different directions. One is "What about Piss Christ?" (Random link to start: Henley.) Another, more relevant response has been, "What kind of nuts riot over a book?"


According to Anthony Romero, posting at TPMCafe, the anti-flag-burning amendment is back, and might come up for a vote soon. Let's see what the cooler heads around think about the physical desecration (!) of an American flag -- maybe a visit to Free Republic is in order:

Commenter Sterco:
For those who would consider burning the red white and blue. I would not recommend coming into Nebraska, Wyoming, or Colorado and doing the same. It will get your ass kicked real bad. Even the anti-gay protesters in Laramie Wyo. were not in trouble until they burned a flag. I suspect that they will never come back. I also suspect that they left stuff behind in their hurry to get the hell out of town.
In Texas deadly force is justifiable if used to prevent commission of arson, aggravated kidnapping, aggravated robbery, aggravated sexual assault and other crimes.

That said don't mess with TX or my flag liberal dirtbags.
Bommer [look, I didn't give them these names]:
If its there right to burn the flag, then its your right to have a super soaker full of gasoline to douse them with when they attempt to light it. Its your right ot protect the country from all enemys foreign and DOMESTIC.
Burning the flag is the ultimate free speech but I'd like to beat anyone who does it with a baseball bat !
Well said all! But whatever you do, don't get violent over a book. That's just stupid.

Interestingly, Free Republic also has an entire thread where the posters are almost universally opposed to the amendment. Others in that community just think that our priorities should be adjusted:
Tell me why we're wasting time on this issue when thousands and thousands of Mexicans will illegally immigrate into America in the next year?
But Netizen ties it all together for us:
Maybe we are going at it all wrong. How about we start burning the Mexican flag? When an uproar over that ensues, and people try to stop that, and protect the Mexican flag, then we protect the US flag as well.

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