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Monday, June 13, 2005
Unexpected Company

Dammit, I knew I should have vacuumed.

Greetings to the Evanier-directed visitors (and thanks again to Mark for the link). In answer to the question "Hey, this is mostly quit hits that barely rise to the level of 'blog'-- isn't there anything substantial here?", well, yes, it mostly is, but there are a few high points.
This is a story about Margaret Thatcher in 1971 that I guarantee you haven't read anywhere. This is my previously most-linked-to piece, thanks to Avedon Carol's link (warning: if you get upset just remembering October 2004 and thinking that Kerry might win, skip it). This is the first of series of posts from the Democratic Convention, which are probably readable even if you can't stand to think about the election. (I meet Samantha Bee! I get in the background of a Letterman remote bit with Biff Henderson and Michael Moore, which ends up not getting aired!)

And if you'd like to read stuff by a real writer, go
here, and then buy the book and/or follow the link to the archives.

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