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Saturday, September 10, 2005
Compare and Contrast

The Woodland Hills Baptist Church, Tyler, TX, about 430 miles from NOLA:

Pastor Bennett says the sign, is a sign of the times. "The purpose of the sign is to wake American up to the fact that America is going away from God. New York City's 9/11 was a call of judgment and New Orlean's horrible incident was judgment on a wicked city."

Pastor Bennett was quick to point out that the church has helped evacuees by donating clothing, food and lodging, but their good will seems to be overshadowed by the sign.

The Simpsons, Season 8, Episode 8, "Hurricane Neddy", following a hurricane in Springfield:

Ned: But Reverend, I need to know, is God punishing me?
Lovejoy: Shooh, short answer: "Yes" with an "If," long answer: "No" -- with a "But." Uh, if you need additional solace, by the way, I've got a copy of something or other by Art Linkletter in my office.
Ultimate source of church sign and story:
KTLV, via-via. Ultimate source of Simpsons still: you can't prove a thing. (Quote from The Simpsons Archive.)

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