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Wednesday, September 21, 2005
More TV Shows I've Checked Out

The War At Home: As far as I can tell, Michael Rappaport is a well-respected actor whose speciality is playing guys who seem sort of aggrieved but are, quite obviously to me at least, complete dicks. But at least he's got the redeeming qualities of racism, sexism and homophobia. If that's the sort of thing you like... I couldn't finish the half-hour.

Reunion: This could turn into a guilty pleasure; a murder is committed in the present day among a group of six lifelong friends, and each episode is a flashback to a year from 1986 to the present (in order, thank God!). Expect narrative devices a small step up from "Well, here it is, 1987 at last!" For no good reason, we won't even find out which of the six got whacked until episode 5, presumably because we'll be interrogating one survivor each of the first weeks. (Obvious choice to die: gee, could it be the spoiled rich kid asshole who's ruining everybody's life?)

Out Of Practice: Oy. Paula Marshall's buried in this mess somewhere, remembering Cupid and thinking "Jeremy Piven was just nominated for an Emmy for 'Entourage' [lost, though!], and here I am." Also reminds me that other people like Stockard Channing way more than I do, and that Henry Winkler's latter-day shlub roles aren't doing him any favors.

Kitchen Confidential: Good enough, for no obvious reason. Features one actor from Buffy (Nicholas Brendon) and one from Freaks And Geeks (John Francis Daly). Like half of America, I thought this was going to be a reality show.

How I Met Your Mother: Also features one from Buffy (Alyson Hannigan) and one from Freaks and Geeks (Jason Seigel). Also on Monday at 8:30 ET. The pilot kept me giggling until the memorable end. This may be the best pilot I've seen in a while, but I'm not sure how it will play out as a series. But as a reward for its one good thing, I'll be back to find out. Continuing with the theme of mind-reading the actors: Neil Patrick Harris is thinking "Damn, they cancelled NYPD Blue? I was so sure I was the next former child star to shock America with his rugged manliness."

My Name Is Earl: Not nearly as good as its pre-air rep, and the narrative device seems lifted from Arrested Development. But man, Jamie Pressley is one hot trashy babe.

Bones: Wanted to like it, and sort of did, but not enough. Stars a former Buffy cast member (David Boreanaz) but mysteriously is not on at 8:30 Monday night. Also some tiny brunette girl to balance him out. Well, strictly speaking she's probably more the lead than he is. Since "Bones" is supposedly her nickname.

Huh. For a guy who keeps saying he's trying to cut back on the TV shows, that's a lot of checking out. And it's only Tuesday of the first offical week of the season. Tomorrow, Whichever Sci-Fi Invasion show is the One with the Blond Lady Who Smiles a Really Creepy Innocent Smile and Her Daughter Says "Mommy, You Smell Different". Only on ABC! I'm pretty sure.

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