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Thursday, September 08, 2005
Today's Attitude Check

From the Boston Globe's "breaking news" box:
EVACUEES UPDATE: A plane with more than 100 evacuees from hurricane-ravaged New Orleans has arrived at Otis Air Force base on Cape Cod. Globe reporter Michael Paulson reports from the scene that state officials are concerned that a small number of the evacuees may be armed and will check for weapons before they are allowed to disembark. The evacuees will be greeted by a group of state officials, the Red Cross, and a Baptist minister whom the governor appointed to represent their interests. --Developing

These must be the only people in the past four years who have gotten on any plane without being screened, then.

UPDATE: The WSJ had something two days ago that seems relevant:
Because of worries that terrorists could take advantage of such chaos, FEMA now must abide by post-9/11 security procedures, such as putting air marshals on flights. That meant stranded residents couldn't be evacuated from the New Orleans airport until FEMA had rounded up dozens of Transportation Security Administration screeners and more than 50 federal air marshals. Inadequate power prevented officials from firing up X-ray machines and metal detectors until the government decided evacuees could be searched manually.
I guess the manual search was eventually deemed to be substandard, then.

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