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Thursday, October 13, 2005
And While I'm Not Atoning...

Very funny comic: Dr. McNinja. Thanks to Jesse, who would get a link if he had anything to link to, and demands that it be known that he saw it at BeaucoupKevin.

Two percent:

RUSSERT: And Matt, the most astounding number in this: 2 percent – just 2 percent - of African-Americans give George Bush a positive rating for his performance as President. The memories of Katrina very much in their minds.

LAUER: Is that what this is all about? I mean, obviously that is just a startling number, 2 percent of African-Americans. Is this all about the aftermath of Katrina?

RUSSERT: Well, the imagery of that along with the economy and fuel prices and Iraq, but that event, Matt, really did have a searing effect. George Bush and the Republican Party has tried very hard to reach out to African-American voters, but this is a very dramatic setback. I cannot find a pollster who can remember any President ever getting just 2 percent approval from African-Americans.

Two percent.

Evolution of noodles, via Oliver Willis.

Finally: I give up. From now on, it's whatever this Blogger default font is, because yes, it's more readable than what I had been using.

More than finally: This out-of-context BeaucoupKevin graphic ties it all together:

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