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Monday, November 07, 2005
Crime in the Internet Age

Radio talk show host indicted for murder of wife

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. --A Missouri radio talk show host was arrested Monday on a murder charge for allegedly poisoning his wife by spiking her Gatorade with a chemical found in antifreeze.

James Keown, 31, was arrested in the morning at the radio station where he worked in Jefferson City, Mo. He appeared in court by videoconference later in the day and agreed to be extradited to Massachusetts, where he was indicted for murder last week.

Prosecutors say he killed Julie Keown, 31, by poisoning her over a period of months with ethylene glycol, an ingredient in antifreeze.

Middlesex District Attorney Martha Coakley said Monday that the couple moved to Waltham from Missouri in January 2004. James Keown told his wife he would be attending Harvard Business School, but he actually took one class at Harvard's continuing education program, which he failed, according to Coakley.

So what's the first Google result for this guy? His blog. First post, from October 5th:
Welcome friends to my new blog, "The View from Here." What should you expect from this site? Well, just about anything. Most of what you will find here will come from my daily talk shows... but you're also going to get some extra insight into my daily life... sometimes it's exciting... sometimes it's downright boring. I look forward to hearing your thoughts as well. Enjoy the blog!
October 26th: Keown, really...a Murder Mystery Party:
It often takes a game like this to break down barriers with some co-workers or friends. You spend so much time playing a particular role at work or home that it's hard to break out of your shell. Then you get thrown into a mix where your boss is no longer your boss - he's now a crooked D.A. who you are trying to bribe. Something amazing happens when you're busy trying to act out a character - the real character inside you starts to come out in little bits. I learn some fun tidbits about each of my friends last night. Things that I might never learned if we weren't thrown together as flappers and speakeasy operators trying to figure out who capped Coppone.
Unfortunately his most recent post, dated this past Saturday, fails to mention his indictment last week on murder charges. But an anonymous commenter is here to pick up the slack:

Good Luck in Prison Blogger Man!!
WE knew you were guilty when we fired you from our company here in Kansas City last year. Your credentials and resume for the last 5 years was/is totally bogus. The Lee's Summit police were hot on your tail then and the boys in Beantown finally got their act together and nailed you sorry ass.

If you can lie, swindle and deceive you way out of this one, then I will have to give it to you. However, I believe that the capital offense of premeditated murder will get you a shot of something else, and none of the pretty girls or petty lies will save you sorry butt.

Watch for dropped soap and the slow drip from the IV bag.

Good Luck. It's nice to see people get what they deserve.

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