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Saturday, November 19, 2005
Yale-Harvard Game

Let's see...when I turned off my car radio and left the car, it was Good Guys 21, Harvard 3, early in the 3rd quarter. When I got back to the car, it was tied 24-24 with about a minute to go; Yale had the ball, failed to convert 4th and short, and turned the ball over to Harvard, who, despite having one timeout left, sat on the ball and took it to overtime.

During which overtime:

-- Yale starts with the ball, and fumbles.
-- Harvard then needs a field goal to win...which they attempt, and fail.
-- Under the OT rules of this brand of football, Harvard now gets the ball at their own 25, beginning another pair of possessions -- each team has to have the ball the same number of times, and if someone's ahead after one of those pairs of possessions, they win.
-- Harvard passes. Yale intercepts in the end zone.
-- Yale fumbles, ending "overtime #2".
-- Radio announcers point out that the game is in danger of being called on account of darkness; there are no lights at the Yale Bowl, and this is in fact the first overtime football game there ever.
-- Yale gets the ball at the 25. Throws an interception.
-- Harvard, armed perhaps with flashlights, scores a TD, winning the game. It's the first triple-overtime game in Ivy League history.

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