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Saturday, May 06, 2006

Kentucky Derby Prep:

The Kentucky Derby experience brings together all types.

For example, there's O.J. Simpson -- a perennial Louisville guest. He says he doesn't bet much, but he's got a hunch play this year.

"I'm a big fan of lawyers. Give me Lawyer Ron," he says with a chuckle. "If his name was 'Lawyer Johnnie,' I'd bet the house."

O.J. likes the scene that comes together at Louisville on the first weekend in May.

"The Kentuckians are so hospitable," he says. "I just have a ball. This is a great week.

"Twenty years ago, when I came here for the various corporations I was working for, it was kind of old and staid. Now, you've got the hip-hop culture here. The parties here are better than they are for the MTV Awards or NBA games."

Glad things are going well for the Juice!

In referrer-log news, I saw that someone came in from Google and hit my long-standing question about the January 2005 hoax nuclear threat against Boston, while searching on appropriate keywords for the event. What's scary is that this searcher came in from No, you tell me.

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