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Wednesday, June 14, 2006
Stephen Colbert on RFK Jr: OK, Not OK

To Robert Kennedy Jr.'s face: "Which was easier, for Bush to steal Ohio in 2004 or for your uncle to steal Illinois in 1960?" OK.

During the opening tease, with Kennedy backstage: "I interview Robert F. Kennedy Jr., and he has a secretary names Colbert. Coincidence?" Not OK, if you get the joke.

(A story: my sibling-who-covers-news-events-including-presidential-elections was in charge of the coverage of one of the Democratic debates in 2004. At one point during the logistical planning, someone from the network suggested to the DNC rep that the candidates be brought onto the stage through a backstage route that passed through the venue's kitchen. The DNC guy said, really seriously: "We do not take Democratic presidential candidates through the kitchen.")

Things I didn't know, from the Wikipedia link:
"Maître d'hôtel Karl Uecker, writer George Plimpton, Olympic gold medalist decathlete Rafer Johnson and professional football player Rosey Grier helped detain Sirhan, with Grier jamming his thumb behind the trigger of the revolver to prevent further shots from being fired, as he had no way of knowing in the confusion if all the shots had been fired."

"Sirhan, a lifelong Roman Catholic (not a Muslim as many mistakenly assume)..."

"The Rolling Stones were recording Beggar's Banquet when Robert Kennedy was shot. A lyric in "Sympathy for the Devil" was subsequently changed from 'I shouted out, "Who killed John Kennedy?"' to "I shouted out, 'Who killed the Kennedys?'"

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