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Wednesday, July 19, 2006
Hot Actresses Do Science and Math

Sci-Fi's "Eureka" premiered last night. From Aaron Barnhart:
There’s a touch of conspiracy and more than a hint of sensuality here. And some of both come wafting from the general direction of Debrah Farentino. The siren from “NYPD Blue,” “Hooperman” and “EZ Streets” (where she bared her breast on CBS when the FCC wasn't looking), [Barnhart omits "Earth 2", which she starred in and was sci-fi] Farentino plays Barlowe, a sexy shrink who also runs a bed-and-breakfast and knows secrets that you can’t learn even with military clearance.

At a press event last January, someone rudely asked (that’s what we do) Farentino if playing a really smart person was a stretch. Very sweetly, she began her reply, “These characters are brilliant, but I finished my last series five years ago and went back to school to get my degree in molecular biology …”


“Well, The last series I worked on was ‘Get Real,’ ” she explained, “and I found myself reading Scientific American and other scientific magazines (on the set) and thinking, ‘I know there’s something out there for me (that’s) different.’ ”

She could team up with Danica McKellar -- click "Mathematics" at that site to see why. They would, of course, solve crimes. (That joke's kind of dated now, but it'll do.)

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