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Thursday, October 12, 2006
Coors Light Fake Press Conference Bill Walsh Ads, Or: Just Put the Keywords In The Heading and Google Will Bring You The Hits

I finally captured the 3 Bill Walsh ads this past weekend; earlier cranky criticism here. Click-n-go, until the copyright people come for them:

UPDATE: YouTube member tumordog (oh, who am I to mock another man's netname) has this theory:
I think these are real press conferences with a new backdrop. I believe the Walsh conferences are from when he was brought back to the Niners as a VP. He said something like "I haven't come here to clean house," which would be consistent with that. He also said "12 and 4 isn't bad," and he was appointed to that position in 1999--following the 12-4 season in 1998. I bet this is from his press conference when he came back to the team.
More on this completely unimportant story as it develops.


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