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Wednesday, October 11, 2006
The Sleeper Wakes

Hey, faithful reader...I finally found something truly bizarre worth posting about:

GUIDING LIGHT Episode 15,038: "She's a Marvel"
Airdate: Wednesday, November 1

teams up with Marvel Comics and unveils a new super-powered character
on Wednesday, November 1.

The episode, titled She's a Marvel, focuses on mild mannered and
harried Harley Davidson Cooper (played by Beth Ehlers). Zapped by an
electrical current, Cooper finds herself imbued with superpowers she
must somehow incorporate into her life as a cop, mother and wife.

In addition to this special episode, Marvel Comics will release an
eight-page comic back-up featuring some of Marvels mightiest heroes
(and villains) descending on Guiding Lights city of Springfield to
determine if this new super-powered being is friend or foe!

GUIDING LIGHT is broadcast weekdays (check local listings) on the CBS
Television Network and is a Procter & Gamble Production.
Now, that's art.

In quick TV-reporting news, I've been spending too much time looking at the picture produced by my new Series 3 TiVo to actually write about any new shows, although I've seen only a few. The S3 tunes digital signals -- including HDTV -- from over the air, as well as directly tuning analog and digital cable, and it makes my TV look twice as good as before. One of the best-looking shows I've seen in this mode is ABC's Ugly Betty, which I watched a couple of times and then realized I was only watching because it looked so good. Which is pretty ironic for a show called Ugly Betty, which is vaguely about misjudging people by their looks. So I dropped it.

Other shows sampled: Smith, cancelled after 3 episodes! The Class...I'm enjoying the cast, although Jason Ritter seems to have scrunched up his face a lot since Joan of Arcadia. Both Studio 60 and 30 Rock seem like keepers, although I like to read Alan Sepinwall who explains everything that's wrong and stupid with Studio 60.

And on the superhero front, Heroes and the new Legion of Superheroes animated series. More on those, probably, later. So obviously I only watch shows about superheroes and thinly fictionalized versions of Saturday Night Live.

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