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Wednesday, February 28, 2007
More Misc

-- a "senior administration official" on the Vice President Cheney's plane gave an interview to reporters on condition that he not be identified. Since he refers to Cheney as "I", there's a limited list of suspects. (via)

-- in the absence of popup blockers, if you double-click on a single word in any article at, you get a popup with a dictionary entry it. This is infuriating to people who routinely double-click words at random while reading web pages. How many of these people have this Tourette's-like twitchiness? To my surprise, plenty of the readership at Drum and Yglesias.

[UPDATE: This is far worse than I thought:

Maybe it's just a multitasker thing? I also find I can't usually limit myself to doing one thing at a time. I usually have half a dozen tabs open in Firefox and am switching all between them -- I can't read more than a paragraph or two of any piece before I get restless and switch to another page -- then back after a bit. Seems my brain just needs something to do while reading.

The earlier Unfogged thread had several references to ADHD. I no longer think that's an exaggeration.]

-- there are people in the UK who "refer[] to the ground outdoors as the floor". New one on me.

-- cheap headline joke:

Rock stars get all the breaks.

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