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Sunday, April 01, 2007
Extremely Low-Bandwidth Video Capture

This is one of my favorite awful jokes, mostly because it comes out of nowhere. It's from the Rugrats Passover special, which I watched a few years ago because I kept hearing that it was notably good. I had intended to video capture it as a seasonal special, but my video capture hardware stopped working, and when I reinstalled its software it stopped working even here's a transcript. The setup is that Angelica, the three-year-old who pushes around the smaller kids (babies), is Pharaoh; following the 10 plagues, she's just freed her slaves, who are played by the babies. The next morning:
Pharaoh: Bring me some Reptar cereal!

Servant: Uh, um, Miss Pharaoh ma'am, we're all out.

Pharaoh: Out? How can we be out of Reptar cereal?

Servant: Well, see, the slave baby who's supposed to get the cereal every morning was set free.

Pharaoh: Well, would you please tell me what moron set free the Reptar cereal slave?

Servant: Uh, you did.

Pharaoh: Oh, yeah. Well, forget him then! I'll just have a nice cold glass of goat's milk.

Servant: let the milk slave go free too.

Pharaoh: OK then, in that case I'll just have a long hot bath.

[Servant grimaces nervously.]

Pharaoh: You mean, I threw out the baby with the bathwater, too?

Adult viewers: Oh, for the love of God.

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