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Thursday, May 31, 2007
For May 31st

This guy is really sick of Pachelbel's Canon.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007
Don't Even Think About the Super Bowl

...or you'll have to pay the NFL, if they have their way.

Step 1: The NFL trademarks "Super Bowl".

Step 2: The NFL licenses out its trademark to just about any product category there is.

Step 3: To protect its licensees, the NFL polices all commercial uses of "Super Bowl". A sports bar can't advertise a Super Bowl special if they aren't a "Super Bowl" licensee.

Step 4: Businesses, being fluent in the English language, begin advertising the parties/events they're hosting for the "big game", Sunday, February Whosis.

Step 5: Feb, 2006: The NFL attempts to trademark "The Big Game". ("Disclaimer NO CLAIM IS MADE TO THE EXCLUSIVE RIGHT TO USE "GAME" APART FROM THE MARK AS SHOWN")

Step 6: Now. The NFL gives up on that. Not because it's stupid, mind you, but because the Stanford/California game has been called that for over a century. They say they may re-file with language clarifying that they "only" claim a trademark on "The Big Game" as a synonym for the Super Bowl.

If Harvard and Yale get in on this, it's gonna be trouble.

What's Kuroko?

This. (Don't bail out before the halfway point just because you think you get the idea.)

Or, slicked up a little, this.

And this.
Monday, May 28, 2007
Breaking News!

Kerry said to weigh politics in 2002 vote

Sunday, May 20, 2007
There Are a Lot of Dr. Pepper Imitators

As seen here.
Saturday, May 19, 2007
Mt. Auburn Hospital

Possible general rule: don't trust a hospital named after a cemetery.
Monday, May 14, 2007
Not Surprising

Bloc head: 'I made a mistake'

-- Toronto Star
Saturday, May 12, 2007

Tuesday, May 08, 2007
And the Number One Fan Fiction I Never Want to Read....[drum roll] described in "150 Years of Mary Sue":
The author of most of the "Baccarat Figurines" series in X-Files fan fiction makes no secret of his (the author is presumed by many readers to be male) admiration of Skinner "the hunk"; his weepy, sulky Mulder is infantilized by Skinner, who calls him "baby" and is charmed "that someone that tall could make himself so small and cuddly," as Mulder "cuddles on [Skinner's] chest ... his usual pose with him"; when the two watch cartoons while waiting for Mulder's pre-sex enema to take effect, "Mulder [is] the one paying more attention." The stories struck appalled readers as "characterization *defilement*."

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Royals To Get A Taste Of Angels' Colon

Actual headline. Via Ken Levine.
Thursday, May 03, 2007
Stable Condition

I don't think this story is going to "develop" much, so you? Click to enlarge because I couldn't figure out how to make it both bigger and still legible. From the Boston Globe.

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