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Tuesday, May 08, 2007
And the Number One Fan Fiction I Never Want to Read....[drum roll] described in "150 Years of Mary Sue":
The author of most of the "Baccarat Figurines" series in X-Files fan fiction makes no secret of his (the author is presumed by many readers to be male) admiration of Skinner "the hunk"; his weepy, sulky Mulder is infantilized by Skinner, who calls him "baby" and is charmed "that someone that tall could make himself so small and cuddly," as Mulder "cuddles on [Skinner's] chest ... his usual pose with him"; when the two watch cartoons while waiting for Mulder's pre-sex enema to take effect, "Mulder [is] the one paying more attention." The stories struck appalled readers as "characterization *defilement*."

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