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Sunday, June 17, 2007
Who's Going to be More Pissed Off?

The Boston Globe on new doings in the Baskin-Robbins chain:
At a newly opened store in New Canaan, Baskin shop owner Anna Valente-Krolikowski added a few of her own touches, including extra tables and chairs, and a 37-inch flat-screen television that plays Disney movies all day. Outside benches are on the way.

On a recent afternoon, 5-year-old Henry Selvala sat quietly with his eyes glued to a "Shrek" movie, sipping his strawberry smoothie. His mother, Kristin, said she used to visit the old Baskin-Robbins store about once a week.

Disney. You know, I was going to put a link here, but all their pages either have Flash or they automatically play some loud video without asking, so just pretend I did. It was just to compare it to....



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