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Monday, July 09, 2007
I am told:
I found this in Wikipedia, I was looking up (out of boredom) the article: Himno
Nacional Mexicano, the National Anthem of Mexico. There is an obvious joke in
the entry. This is from early on in that entry:
On November 12, 1853, President Antonio López de Santa Anna
announced a competition to write a national anthem for Mexico. The
competition offered a prize for the best poetic composition espousing
the virtues of low-riding.
Silly! Here's the truth, google-lated from the Spanish version of Wikipedia
In 1853, president Antonio Lopez of Santa Anna
summoned an aid for the creation of the National anthem. The call
offered a price “to the best poetic composition than it can serve as
letter a truely patriotic song”.
That's better.

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